MINI // Creative Club

Automotive brand, MINI, has taken on the challenge of showcasing inspiring creative stories. We made these short documentaries about innovative creative influencers making waves in South Africa.

Eitan Stern

Stuck in a career where your creativity is stifled? Lawyer and DJ, Eitan Stern, shares how he channels his creative spark.

‘A few years ago I went to a talk where the presenter spoke about his version of creativity. It wasn’t art or music; it was his ideas. As a young and restless attorney wearing uncomfortable shoes and a hoodie, the moment struck me. Society had told me that I wasn’t a creative, but in a legal career it was creative thinking that made you successful. This was all very confusing. So on that day, I decided that I was a creative after all, and I began to act accordingly.’

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Tony Gum

Trends are dead – in fashion, design and all things creative. What matters most now is individualism. Artist Tony Gum explores the meaning of this new authenticity.

‘Living in a world that moves at such a fast pace, it’s easy to see why trends have lost their power. Trends leave the memory just as quickly as they enter. I judge the quality of my own work on audience engagement that is thought-provoking and interactive in its response. In other words, if it doesn’t start a meaningful conversation, it doesn’t have power.’

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