Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate create artisanal chocolate using old school methods and quality organically produced ingredients

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Honest Chocolate is a small artisanal chocolate company based in Cape Town, South Africa. They believe in keeping things hand-crafted using old school methods, using quality organically produced ingredients and making a pure chocolate that has a deliciously distinct feel and taste.

To step into their storefront is to be overwhelmed by an intoxicating, dreamlike smell of molten chocolate, and get wafted away on the wings of a Willy Wonka chocolate factory dream. Good luck escaping with your wallet intact.

We made this odd little short film as a piece of branded content for Honest Chocolate. A naive young couple wander into the chocolate shop, hoping to indulge their sweet tooth… but something seems just a little bit off. Is the chocolatier just an obsessive chocolate fanatic, or is something a whole lot more sinister afoot…?

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