25 Years of African Peace Operations

The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes has been at the forefront of mediation, conflict management and diplomacy on the African continent for over 20 years

Whole Fish

Towards a sustainable and fair blue economy free from fisheries crime

Award for Sustainable Architecture


This series of micro-films features the innovative architectural projects shortlisted for the South African Award for Sustainable Architecture

What Are You Leaving for Me?

Is ‘World Peace’ a universally appealing human archetype, or a worn cliche? How can we present the concept of Global Peace in a fresh, accessible way? The Global Peace Initiative has a special focus on young people, and we wrote a narrative about a young girl dreaming about her future. How will she will deal […]

A 20 Year Journey

Thinkteam Accord Year Journey

A retrospective documentary on ACCORD journey from the 1994 political transition in South Africa, to an international NGO with global reach and impact

The Story of Charcoal

Thinkteam Jumbo

Charcoal kilns are a ubiquitous feature of the dry Namibian bushveld landscape. And the charcoal production industry is a crucial one for the country, sustaining thousands of casual workers

Eitan Stern

Thinkteam Mini Eitan

MINI have taken on the challenge of showcasing inspiring creative stories. We made these short documentaries about innovative creative influencers making waves in South Africa.